Member Our Club’s Officers

Matt Ryan, President 

“My initial reasons for joining the club were purely work related. I needed to improve my communication and presentation skills. Having been involved for over a year, I am here because it is a great social environment. Where else can you find a group of people willing to face their fears on a weekly basis? PB Toastmasters provides the positive and supportive atmosphere needed for members to grow and develop their skills and to apply them to their lives outside TM”

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Charles Extrom, Vice President of Education

“I joined toastmasters with the intention of improving my public speaking skills. Aside from accomplishing that, it has given me a sense of community with like minded individuals who are always striving to improve themselves. I look forward to our weekly meetings and always encourage our guests to return to this phenomenal group.”

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Erin Peisach, Vice President of Public Relations and Membership

“Toastmasters has been a great addition to my week. I love that the club allows me to connect with the community and meet new people. The supportive and engaging environment at our club helps me make improvements in public speaking that I couldn’t find anywhere else!”

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charlotteCharlotte Bentley: Treasurer

Coming soon…

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Ryan Boslego, Sergeant at Arms

“I joined TM to improve my communication skills and to become a more effective leader.  TM gives me a weekly opportunity to work toward and focus on these goals”

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